Thursday, 26 February 2009

Restrictions on imports country by country

Articles liable to compete with national industry.
Articles of silk. Chessboards.
Children toys except sports goods.
Literature, publications, other articles prejudicial to public order or offensive to religion or morality.
Tapestries and lace.

Extravagant clothes and other articles contrary to Albanians' taste.
Items sent by political emigres.
Literature, publications, and other articles prejudicial to the State public order.
Used articles.

Household articles made of tin.
Used clothing, accessories, blankets, linen, textile furnishings, footwear and headwear.
Watches and clocks.

Goods produced wholly or partly in prisons or by convict labor.
Seditious literature.

Coins; banknotes; currency notes (paper money); securities payable to bearer; traveler's checks; manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, silver; precious stones; jewels; expensive jewelry; and other valuable articles.

Commercial tags of metal.
Oleomargarine and other butter substitutes, including altered or renovated butter.
Plumage and skins of wild birds.
Prison-made goods being sold or intended for sale by a person or firm.
Reprints of Canadian or British works copyrighted in Canada.
Reproductions of Canadian postage stamps unless printed in publications in black and white only and with a defacing line drawn across each reproduction.
Used or secondhand hives or bee supplies.

Manuscripts, printed matter, photographic negatives, gramophone recordsMeat and meat products.
Used clothing and bedding.
Wrist-watchesCuba Musical letters or cards that play a sound recording when opened.

Postcards of private manufacture having illustrated designs not previously approved by the Cyprus Post Office.

Dried or powdered milk, and food mixtures containing it.

Dominican Republic
Roulette games and other gambling devices.

Measuring instruments marked in units not complying with French law.

Germany P
laying cards, except in complete decks properly wrapped.

Toys made of lead.

Indonesia Books and periodicals printed in any Indonesian language and published outside of Indonesia, except educational books approved by the Indonesian Department of Commerce.
Cloth and batik designs and sarongs.
Used articles including clothing.

Hay, straw, including articles made of straw.
Prison-made goods.

Israel Agricultural tools and accessories.
Blank invoices with headings.
Games of chance.
Spices exceeding 1 kg. Used beehives.

Albums of any kind (of photographs, postcards, postage stamps, etc.).
Artificial flowers and fruits and accessories for them.
Bells and other musical instruments and parts thereof.
Clocks and supplies for clocks.
Footwear of any kind.
Haberdashery and sewn articles of any kind, including trimmings and lace; handkerchiefs; scarves; shawls, needlework including stockings and gloves; bonnets, caps, and hats of any kind.
Hair and articles made of hair.
Leather goods.
Nutmeg, vanilla; sea salt, rock salt; saffron.
Perfumery goods of all kinds (except soap).Playing cards of any kind. Salted, smoked or otherwise prepared meats; fats; and lard. Tobacco.
Toys not made wholly of wood.

Magazines or other printed matter containing illustrations of nude or partly nude human figures.

Communist material or literature.

Plastic toys.
Stocking and socks except those made of jersey.
Suitcases; leather bags. Wool blankets.

Artificial flowers and interior ornaments.
Ceramic products and imitation jewelry.
Clothing, accessories, and underwear.
Communist propaganda.
Footwear, shoes, boots, and accessories.
Furs and clothing made of fur.
Gloves and hosiery.
Household articles of iron, steel, copper, and aluminum.
Household linens.
Perfume products or soaps.
Playing cards.
Textiles and carpets.
Toys and dolls of all kinds.
Travel articles, suitcases, attache cases, kits, or similar articles.
Waxes and creams for shoes.
Wooden utensils.

Sri Lanka
Paper and writing products (envelopes, ink, pencils, pens, erasers, chalk, etc.).

Sweden, Switzerland, and Portugal

Lottery tickets and advertisements concerning lotteries.

United Kingdom
Goods made in foreign prisons, except those imported for a non-commercial purpose or of a kind not manufactured in the UK.
Horror comics and matrices.

Products made from non-Vietnamese tobacco.
Used clothing, blankets, mosquito nets, and shoes.


  1. very useful~ now i just need to figure out my overseas shipping prices~

  2. fyi, Costa Rica also has some restrictions on any items topically applied, perfume, body lotion, etc. Plan on getting permissions, or shipping through a U.S. company (but not fedex) for such items.

  3. Just wanted to say that for Italy you can get around their MANY restrictions by marking the package as a "gift" and/or of "non commercial value" I have had many things sent to me from the U.S this way. It may still take a while to get through and there may be extra taxes to pay for "entrance fees".