Thursday, 26 February 2009

Forum dos and don’ts


Search for threads before you post – see if you can find the answer

Be friendly – remember your messages can not be deleted

Use the forums for help and advice

Be grateful for any help you receive

Be patient. Threads get lost during busy times so if you do not get the answers you need try again later.

Post in the correct sections – posts will get move otherwise.

Be gently when critiquing – this is some peoples lively hood.


SPAM – this means posting off topic such as “I’m offering free shipping in my store!” randomly in threads.

Excessively bump a thread (this means typing one word or making a meaningless post to make the tread go to the top of the list)

Use abusive or aggressive language

1 comment:

  1. Very good on forums!! I've bumped into some ugly, ugly threads and made the mistake of expressing my opinion of it "1" time. Never again.

    Great etiquette. Thanks.