Thursday, 26 February 2009

ETSY top tips for every newbie

I'm a newbie on ETSY so the advice I'm giving is advice I have used and made work for me. Use common sence to pick and choose which advice you follow...

1 - good, clear photos are a must.

2 - display earrings hanging

3 - show the reverse of items you will see the back of when worn

4 - use up all your photo and tag slots

5 - try have a cheap item - be it something hand made or some DESTASH to help build sales

6 - get the word out - show off your items and make the most of chat and the forums to get noticed

7 - Offer choices and custom items

8 – go to “your etsy” and click on the stars on 3 listings to make them feature at the top of your shop

9 – keep anouncements short and sweet yet informative

10 – dont be afraid to tell a story in your listings but make sure it is clear what you are selling

11 - offer international shipping - in listings where possible as apposed to by convo

12 – make sure you photograph your items to show what is is but please DONT put earrings in your ears its just yucky

13 – Check out similar items for sale when deciding on your prices

14 – try and put a photo of an item your are selling or a logo as your AVATAR (steer away from self portraits unless it is relevant to your work)

15 – get yourself a great banner! You can get these made for just a few $ on etsy

16 – network with others – join groups and chats for friendly advice

17 – keep your prices rounded up no $.99

18 – dont be afraid to try selling something different it wont put people off it will draw new people in

19 – Don’t pay for advertising until you sales are going well

20 - most importantly continue to ask for help, advice and critiques even when you think you have everything perfect

I really hope that can be of help to some of you. Ive managed 32 sales and been picked for 7 treasury and got 170 hearts in my 1st month. It makes me sad hearing about people with low sale - especially when they do it for an income and I only do it for a hobby. May the sales fairy visit you in your sleep very very soon.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this blog entry, this advice is very useful. I feel like I am doing all of these things and also feel that I have an original product but unfortunately my sales are not reflecting that. I will go through your list step by step to make some improvements in my shop, I know its never perfect! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for compiling these tips! I've been in a handful of treasuries and gotten seven sales since I opened in mid-February, so any tips I find are always welcome!

  3. Great tips!! Always looking for ways to improve!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I am following much of the advise you share, and my sales are climbing!

  5. Really appreciate your generosity in sharing
    this info. Thanks!

  6. Thank you so very much for the tips! I have had very low sales and am wondering what else I can do, any advice?

  7. Sweet of you to consider your fellow community...whether new or a seasoned seller--these are good reminders!!

  8. Really appreciate all the the tips ! thanks, getting there with all of those.

  9. Thank you...Great information :)

  10. One of the most outstanding tips written. This should be in Etsy's Newbies' Must. Great job! :)

  11. Great tips! Thanks for taking the time to post these!