Saturday, 11 April 2009

Time to BLOG the BLOG

I’ve been busy plugging my advice and tips today. I really do love to help people! I thought maybe it was about time I started actually blogging on my blog instead of just offering advice so here goes...

It’s getting me a bit down at the moment – people don’t seem to want to help me out as I have got sales under my belt. Why do we do that? Ignore those who we preserve and doing well in favour of those who haven’t even started yet? We will happily offer help and advice to those who haven’t even attempted to sell yet – asking for advice to get a 1st sale but we don’t stop to consider those of us who are selling and trying to take the next step to make our shops a full time thing. I personally cannot survive on $10 a day so why can’t I get help and advice as well?

Am I being selfish by asking for help to get more sales when I have 71 in less than 3months? I have worked so very hard to get to where I am and I in return offer people all the help and advice that I have used to offer a helping hand.

Yes I’m venting. Sometimes it’s needed.

Peace out Etsy lovers!

Natalie xXx


  1. What help are you looking for? Maybe I can help.

  2. I don't think you're being selfish at all. I've seen people with hundreds on sales in a short time still asking for advice and help. We're all still learning and need a little advice from an outside source.

    Sadly, I doubt I'd be much help, so instead I'll just hope you find someone who can help and wish you luck, tea, and lots of cupcakes to help make things better.

  3. I understand. If there is anything you need, I'd be happy to give advice. I have far fewer sales than you right now, so I am not sure how much I have to offer, but I am very willing to share what I do know :)